Minions being adorable.

Becoming yourself is really hard and confusing, and it’s a process,.. I was completely the eager beaver in school, I was the girl in the front of the class who was the first person to put her hand up, and it’s often not cool to be the person that puts herself out there, and I’ve often gotten teased mercilessly, but I found that ultimately if you truly pour your heart into what you believe in — even if it makes you vulnerable — amazing things can and will happen.

What is it about elevators?
Oh dear lord, it’s here —Every person dreading the first “Fifty Shades of Grey” trailer (via i-m-ben-addicted)

Fifty Shades Of Grey Trailer Gifs


Beacon Hills needs someone to protect it.

These are the chosen ones. 

“It’s okay,’ he tells me. ‘If you want to go. Everyone wants you to stay. I want you to stay more than I’ve ever wanted anything in my life.’ His voice cracks with emotion. He stops, clears his throat, takes a breath, and continues. ‘But that’s what I want and I could see why it might not be what you want. So I just wanted to tell you that I understand if you go. It’s okay if you have to leave us. It’s okay if you want to stop fighting.’

"I want this to be OVER!"